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Hi, I am Ivo Campos

I’m a B2B Marketing expert and Certified Pardot Consultant, with experience in both remote and in-house team management. I’ve worked across a wide array of sectors for early phase startups and multinationals, successfully rolling out Inbound Marketing strategies and Marketing Automation systems. At IVICUO, our mission is to drive value and measurable business results for our clients.  I am also co-founder of B2BMarketers.com

Hi, I am Julien Hennico

My experience B2B marketing over the 10 past years has centred on the growth of high growth startups. I launched a successful lead generation strategy for TheFork.com (a TripAdvisor company) and managed the brand’s B2B marketing in 12 different countries. More recently I’ve been building the marketing strategy and team for Geoblink, a location intelligence tech start-up and I am co-founder of B2BMarketers.com

Hi, I am Josefina Obelleyro Ruibal

I have worked in a high growth start up, working with the team’s implementation of CRM, considering the product roadmap, and leading the design and implementation of business related aspects – such as dashboards of key metrics for the company. Working in a transversal position with many teams and people, I have learned the value of always being aligned and the importance of processes automation. I will always aim to perform any job to the best possible quality.

Hi, I am Carmen Carrillo

I have a degree in journalism, philosophy, and an MBA. This diverse background has provided me with a multitude of skills to embrace the Marketing Operations challenges that are faced on a daily basis. I have experience in client management, team management, Pardot, Salesforce, and I am thrilled to continue learning every day. I like to say that I’m Guatemalan by birth, Italian by nationality, and world citizen by choice. 

Hi, I am Mateusz Swiatek

Coming from a background in Marketing, I have developed a continually growing interest in all informatic tools with the potential to help me achieve my goals more efficiently. With experience on both the data side as well as in personal entrepreneurial projects, this mindset has led me to discover the fantastic, crucial and challenging world of Marketing Automation. Here, I can exploit and develop both my analytical and creative skills, and in doing so bring value to a proficient and diverse team.

Hi, I am Laura Aguirrechu

I have spent several years abroad, working and volunteering for a range of international organizations where I gained invaluable experience in marketing, people, management and communication. I love contributing to innovative ideas and providing support with marketing operations, which is one of the reasons why I am proud to be part of the IVICUO team. I am proactive, value good communication and enjoy expanding my knowledge in various marketing topics.

Hi, I am Alejandro Vieira

I come from a background in Marketing and Logistics Management, where I discovered the world of Data Analysis and Marketing Operations. I am a proactive person who sets high standards for my own work and I believes in teamwork as the leader of success. At IVICUO, I work with the Data Team, solving problems for our clients with passion and efficiency.

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