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5 Lead Generation Mistakes to Avoid from Today

Personalization, artificial intelligence or chatbots are some of the new trends that get our attention to implement in our B2B strategy. However, are we already offering a user experience with sufficient quality so that we get conversions and generate revenue? Sometimes, by trying to innovate, we forget the basics and make some elementary mistakes that might make us lose potential leads.

So, before going to the next level, let’s see some basic lead generation errors we have to avoid and how to do it in the right way:

Lead generation mistake 1: Redirecting your users to other websites

The center of your online strategy must be your website. It’s there where you set the rules (at least most of them), generate engagement, and increase the user interaction with your brand. It happens many times that business websites promote their social network channels too soon for the user to leave the site and become a follower. In other cases, the user can’t watch the video content on the website, but instead, he is redirected to Youtube or another platform to watch it.  This is an elementary but critical mistake. With the lack of time and amount of information that your potential customers face every day, taking them out of your site means losing them for good.

How to retain your users on your website?

Let’s start by defining an attractive web architecture with high-quality content. If you have already been running your business for a while, go to the conversion pages of your website and understand what is making users exit. Set the events in Google Analytics to understand what external links are making your users leave. Install a tool such as Hotjar to understand the path your user is following on the website. What is the most attractive element of your page for your user? Is this something relevant to your business?

Below you will find other reasons your users might leave your site that you have to consider. What is more, this article features some tips on how to retain them.

users leave website lead generaion
See the complete infographic here

Lead generation mistake 2: Not caring about Mobile

Whether we like it or not, we live in a multi-device world:

Multi mobile devices lead generation The number of devices people use in Spain. Source: Consumer Barometer with Google  


Mobile accounts for a big part of the consumption of the internet, and it’s most likely to be the way your users are consuming your content, too. Therefore, we can’t be blind to this reality, and we should take concrete actions: Analyze your mobile results by assessing the importance of your mobile traffic on the website and compare the conversions from desktop and from mobile. Is your mobile traffic increasing while the conversions are not relevant enough? Take the time to visit the mobile version of your site. Use mobile emulators but also use your own smartphone (and your colleagues’) to live the experience your users have right now. Is it good? Does the user have the opportunity to do the same actions he does in the desktop version?

How to get more conversions in the mobile world?

Elementary tip: have a mobile-friendly website. It can be a responsive or a dedicated mobile version, but you need to have your web working correctly on a smartphone.

From the most visited mobile pages of your website, define which is going to make your user stay: It can be via a lead magnet like some premium content. It can be by facilitating the process of filling in your product forms. It can be by correcting some challenges your user might face while trying to convert on your site.

Actionable article: This article goes into more detail, and you will find several ideas about how to increase conversions for B2B Saas websites.

Lead generation mistake 3: Not defining a goal for the pages of your website

Every page of your site should have a specific and concrete purpose. It can be to get demo requests; it can be to get subscriptions to your blog, it can be to share the article you have published. Otherwise, you will end up having new pages on the site, generating traffic without conversions.

How to set the goals for my pages?

When defining the web architecture or when creating an article, first have in mind what you want to achieve with every new page. Based on this, lead the user to the goal via the content or via the elements and calls to action you are going to set up on the page. This goal must be added to your Google Analytics account (if this has not been done before) so that you will be able to measure the success of this page or the way to improve it.

Here’s a more detailed article on of how to set goals for your web pages.

Lead generation mistake 4: Not having a Unique Value Proposition:

Potential clients are not interested in your leadership in the market, the phrase that is used by many many companies around the world. They want to know and understand what you can do for them. In many cases, we find websites quickly explaining the features of the product or a description of the services without saying how they are going to help the user achieve his goals.

What can I do to show my value proposition?

The value proposition should be a simple and quick-to-read-and-understand phrase that tells your potential client what you can do for him. Put it in a place which is easily visible for your users, but also it should be part of the way you communicate on all your website. Even if you go for an aspirational value proposition, it should be explicit enough for anyone to understand the value you can provide and what you do. For more inspiration, read some good and bad value propositions examples here.

value proposition - lead generation Source: 26 Value propositions examples that convert visitors 



Lead generation mistake 5: Having just one conversion type in all your website

Let’s face it: Not everyone is ready to buy your product or get more information about your service during the first time they visit your site. We focus too much on this type of conversions, even when the majority of the users who visit your website are reading your blog or just trying to understand what you do without the goal of starting a commercial relationship with you.

What conversion points should I set on my website?

Do you have a blog with high-quality content? Then let the users subscribe to the blog. Can you launch a study with data that your potential clients won’t find anywhere? Then, publish it as gated content. Start generating more opportunities for the users to enter to your database.  Map the marketing actions you are putting in place as the example below:

conversion funnel - lead generation

Actionable article: emailing and content ideas for each stage of the lead generation funnel.

Any other lead generation mistake missing?

Leave a comment on the most common lead generation mistakes and your suggestion to make it better!

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